Lisa Rinna Net Worth

As of 2022, Lisa Rinna’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million. She is an American actress, television personality, and entrepreneur. Rinna began her career as a model and soon transitioned into acting.

About Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna is the first female television model to vamp up small screens since the 1980s. She was born in Newport Beach, Calif, and raised in Medford, Oregon. Her dark and angular appearance carved a spot within her as she played the most successful recurring roles on television during her life.

lisa rinna net worth
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Lisa is a talented musician and sports enthusiast with a strong arts background. She played tennis during her teenage life as well as skiing and she has a natural ski ability that can be very beneficial to her. She has also been an active member of our Medford High School cheer team.

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Lisa Rinna Careers

Currently, Rinna is in her 60’s and began working in the music industry as a teenager in 1993 with the video “Naughty” by John Parr. Following this song video, Rinna jumped into several series on the Hogan family. She plays Jason Bateman‘s girlfriend.

In 1992 Rinna received national attention after her debut appearance in NBC Days of Our Lives as a character named Billie Reed. The decision was one of the most pivotal points of her life as she became a worldwide celebrity. The next biggest project she has done was Taylor McBride’s portrayal of Aaron Spelling in Melrose Place.

Early Career

Her first major role was on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, where she played the character Billie Reed from 1992 to 1995. She has also had roles on Melrose Place, Veronica Mars, Huff, Entourage, and Mad Men.

In addition to her work on television, Rinna has also appeared in a number of films including The Northwest Passage, Scary Movie 3, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

lisa rinna net worth
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Other works

In addition to writing a series of books Rinna hosted SoapNet’s soapTalk between 2002 and 2006 and was awarded 4 Emmy Awards as a Top Host. Rinna also hosted the Television Guide Network Red Carpet presales for the major Hollywood events including the Oscars & Emmys, Grammys and Golden Globes.

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Aside from her television and film appearances, Rinna also entered Broadway and made her Broadway debut in June 2007. Rinna released the Warner Home Video workout DVD series Lisa Rinna: Ballet Body Beautiful.

Business Ventures

In 2006, Rinna debuted her own clothing line called Belle Gray. The line is carried by a number of retailers including Nordstrom and Macy’s. In 2012, she released her memoirs entitled Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever! The book offers advice on everything from health and fitness to beauty and fashion.

Personal Life

Lisa was born in 1963 in Medford, Oregon, the middle child of three girls. Her father was a successful television news director, and her mother was a homemaker. Lisa’s parents divorced when she was five, and she was raised by her mother.

lisa rinna net worth
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Lisa began acting in local theater productions at a young age, and she eventually made the move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television and film. Lisa has been married to actor Harry Hamlin since 1997, and the couple has two daughters together. Lisa is also an accomplished author, with two books to her credit.

In recent years, Lisa has appeared on reality television shows such as Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars. She has also been a popular guest on daytime talk shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The View. No matter what role she’s playing – on television or in real life – Lisa Rinna is always entertaining.

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Lisa Rinna is no stranger to controversy. Throughout her career, the actress and reality TV star has been embroiled in a number of scandals, both on and off-screen. In 1992, Lisa was accused of lip-syncing during her performance on the soap opera “Days of Our Lives.”

The controversy caused such a stir that Lisa was eventually fired from the show. In 2006, Lisa made headlines again when she appeared on an episode of “The View” while visibly intoxicated. Lisa later admitted that she had been drinking before the show, and she apologized for her behavior.

Comments About The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

More recently, Lisa landed in hot water after making comments about Kim Richards’ struggle with addiction on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Lisa’s comments were widely criticized, and she was even accused of making light of addiction.

However, Lisa defended her statements, saying that she was only trying to help her friend. Despite the controversies, Lisa remains a popular figure in the entertainment industry.


Beyond her work in entertainment and fashion, Lisa Rinna is also an active philanthropist. She has been involved with a number of charities over the years including the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis.

Reality TV Shows

In recent years, Lisa has become just as well-known for her work on reality television as she has for her acting roles. She first appeared on the ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars in 2006, where she was paired with professional dancer Louis van Amstel.

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Lisa and Louis made it to the semi-finals before being eliminated. Lisa returned to Dancing with the Stars in 2014, this time competing against her daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin. The mother-daughter duo made it to the finals and finished in second place.

lisa rinna net worth
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Sources Of Income

While Lisa’s primary source of income is her acting career, she has also earned money through her businesses and endorsements. Lisa has her own line of clothing and beauty products, and she has endorsement deals with several major brands.

In addition, Lisa earns a hefty salary from her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Overall, Lisa’s diverse range of income sources has helped her to accumulate significant net worth.

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Looking at Lisa’s impressive net worth, it is clear that she is a very successful woman. Her hard work and dedication to her career have paid off handsomely, and she is now enjoyIng a life of luxury. From her beautiful home to her expensive cars, Lisa Rinna clearly lives the good life!

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