jason bateman net worth

Jason Bateman Net Worth

Jason Bateman is a popular American actor, director, and producer. He is best known for his roles in several hit shows and movies such as Arrested Development, Ozark, Juno, and Horrible Bosses. Thanks to his successful career, Jason Bateman net worth is an accumulated $30 million dollars.

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Early Life

Jason “Kent” Bateman was born in 1969 on January 14th. He grew up in Rye a town located in New York. When he was four years old, his family relocated to Salt Lake City and it became evident from a young age that the showbiz industry ran through his veins. Kent Bateman, his father, was an actor as well as a producer and had a passion for the performing arts – he even went on to establish his own repertory stage in Hollywood.

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Justine Bateman, Jason’s elder sister, also followed in her father’s footsteps and became an actress. To help support their parents, both siblings began to earn big money from various acting roles at a very young age. Not long after, Jason decided to drop out of school and became a full-time actor; however, he never obtained his diploma. At twenty years old, Kent Bateman served as his son’s manager.

Career Beginnings

As a child actor, Jason Bateman experienced notable success. After landing a role in a cereal commercial at 11 years, he continued to pursue acting roles and in 1980 was given a repeating role on Little House on the Prairie for its seventh and eighth seasons. His next role was the cheeky role as Derek Taylor in the television series Silver Spoons, which he played throughout its run from 1982- 1984. During this time, Jason was gaining popularity quickly and NBC gave him a starring role in his own show, entitled It’s Your Move.

jason bateman net worth

By the mid-’80s, Bateman had appeared on various television shows and films. When he was 18 years old, he was given the chance to direct three episodes of The Hogan Family and become the youngest director in Hollywood then.

Jason Bateman focused on film next and appeared in the 1987 Teen Wolf Too. The movie wasn’t popular, but it did help make Bateman well-known. He also appeared in The Sweetest Thing and This Can’t Be Love during this time. In addition, he kept appearing in various TV series like Chicago Sons and Some of My Friends.

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Adult Career And Big Roles

Bateman had a breakthrough in his adult career when he was cast as the lead role in Arrested Development (2003). The show earned him numerous awards and critical acclaim but unfortunately failed to perform well in terms of ratings.

This did not stop Jason from booking roles in movies like Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Zootopia, and Starsky & Hutch. He also continued to take on guest starring roles in shows like The Office, Up All Night, and Arrested Development; all of which helped him gain more recognition.

Ozark Role

In 2017, Jason Bateman had a major breakthrough when he was cast as the lead for the Netflix drama series Ozark. The show follows Marty Byrde, a financial planner who struggles to save his family from ruin after getting caught in a money laundering scheme. It premiered in July 2017 and its success catapulted Bateman’s career to new heights. His performance on the show earned him several Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, further boosting Jason Bateman net worth.

The series ended in 2022 after successfully running for 4 seasons.

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Recent Projects

After the series finale of Ozark in 2022, Jason Bateman has taken up other projects such as producing and directing films. He recently ran the Netflix original movie Game Night, which starred Rachel McAdams and Jason’s familiar Arrested Development co-star, Will Arnett.

jason bateman net worth

He has also produced Your Place or Mine, Superfans: Screaming. Crying. Throwing up and Florida Man are slated to premiere in 2023.

How Much Does Jason Bateman Make?

Jason Bateman is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars, and his success has translated into impressive earnings. He earned approximately $100,000 per episode for Arrested Development, while he was given a salary of up to $300,000 per episode for Ozark – bringing his annual income to around $3 million.

He also earned large paychecks from the films he’s starred in, as well as the projects he’s directed and produced. In addition, his net worth is estimated to be even higher than these figures suggest. All this goes to show that Jason Bateman has been able to make some serious money in Hollywood.

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Personal Life

Bateman has been married to Amanda Anka since 2001 and the couple has two children Francesca Nora Bateman and Maple Sylvie Bateman. He is a big supporter of animal rights, donating to organizations such as PETA and Animal Defenders International.

He also enjoys playing golf in his free time and is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. Above all else, he is passionate about his work, which has led him to the top of Hollywood’s A-list.


Jason Bateman is currently one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. His journey from a child star to an Academy Award-nominated actor has been well documented and his success is inspiring for aspiring actors everywhere. With his versatile range as an actor, he continues to move beyond the traditional boundaries of the film industry and make an impact in television and beyond. With so much talent and drive, it is no wonder why Jason Bateman continues to be one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars.

Jason Bateman’s net worth is currently at $30 million, and this number is only expected to keep growing as he continues to take on roles in beloved films, tv shows, and produce projects.

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