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Roger Goodell Net Worth

Roger Goodell has been the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) since 2006 and is widely regarded as one of the most powerful men in professional sports.

Over that same period, locals have wondered what kind of money he must make for a job like this. Let’s explore Roger Goodell’s net worth today and see how much this incredibly successful sports executive earns!

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What Is Roger Goodell’s Net Worth And Salary?

The net worth of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is estimated to be around 200 million dollars. This impressive salary and net worth have been accumulated through his often controversial but successful tenure as the head of the National Football League since 2006.

During his 14-year term, Goodell has led an impressive list of accomplishments, including launching NFL Network, concluding lucrative TV deals, and expanding revenue to $18 billion since 2011. His net worth reflects these achievements that have positioned the NFL as the most profitable sports league in the world. In addition, he has shared with the new york jets company and senator Charles Ellsworth Goodell.

Roger Goodell’s Early Life

Roger Goodell was born in Jamestown, New York, on February 19, 1959. Growing up with two sisters, Goodell developed a passion for sports at a young age and was heavily influenced by his father, who had a lengthy career as the assistant city attorney of Jamestown.

After graduating from high school, Goodell attended Washington & Jefferson College, where he captained the football team before graduating in 1981 with a degree in Economics. From there, Goodell got his start in the NFL when he joined the Jets organization as an administrative intern.

His hard work and dedication were rewarded when he eventually rose to become Commissioner of the NFL in 2006 – a position he still holds today. Under Goodell’s leadership, the NFL has achieved unprecedented growth. This has helped ensure that American Football remains America’s favorite pastime.

Roger Goodell’s NFL Career

Since 2006, Roger Goodell has served as the Commissioner of the National Football League. A Washington & Jefferson College graduate, he joined the NFL in 1982 as an administrative intern within the league office in New Orleans saints.

He worked his way up to become a key figure in football’s most powerful organization over 24 years. His long tenure with the NFL eventually led to Goodell being named Commissioner on August 8, 2006.

As Commissioner, Goodell is responsible for managing policies and enforcing regulations that govern team personnel, game procedures, and player conducts both on and off the field for 32 teams throughout America.

His influence extends beyond just the sport itself: he also serves as a leader in using football to further charitable causes in communities across America. He encourages sustainability through greater environmental awareness initiatives.

Goodell’s career at the NFL has certainly been impressive – with nearly three decades of service behind him, demonstrating his commitment to making football’s beloved game accessible and enjoyable to all its fans now into the future.

Roger Goodell’s Salary History

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s salary has been the subject of much debate. Since he assumed the role in 2006, Goodell’s annual wages have jumped from a reported $3 million to a whopping $44.2 million in 2017.

Much of this is backed by performance bonuses, and a variety of salary bumps meant to incentivize decisions that keep league owners, players and fans satisfied.

Though accusations have arisen that his salary is too high for one employee at an NFL office, Goodell has made an effort in recent years to bring more money into cable deals and attract higher ratings, demonstrating an effective return on investment for owners.

Roger Goodell’s $492.7 Million

Roger Goodell’s $492.7 million is a salary package awarded to him in 2018 by the NFL owners, who were pleased with his job as Commissioner. The salary includes his annual compensation as an active commissioner and bonuses based on league performance.

The largest sum of this money will be realized upon retirement when the owners leverage unpaid portions of the already vested awards.

Many fans and sportswriters have criticized this figure, asserting that Goodell earns more than some professional football players and proposing that the money could have been better allocated toward other projects or issues in professional football. Regardless, it appears Goodell is poised to receive the full amount of his package from 2018.

Roger Goodell’s Contract History

Roger Goodell has been the NFL’s Commissioner since 2006, and during that time, he has been rewarded handsomely with a series of very lucrative contracts. His contract was initially extended in 2009 when the league owners approved an extension that paid him $11 million yearly.

As his tenure lengthened, so did his pay; Goodell inked a five-year, $200 million contract extension in 2017, making him one of the highest-paid executives in all professional sports.

This figure is even more impressive when one considers that Goodell does not receive any ownership stake or performance incentives from the NFL – he is paid solely annually for doing his job as Commissioner.

Despite some bumps along the road, it’s clear that Roger Goodell has enjoyed consistent success in staying power and financial security over his long career as leader of America’s preeminent sport.

Roger Goodell’s Life

Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), Roger Goodell, has been an integral part of the league since joining in 1982 and serving as Commissioner since 2006. Despite his immense power and prominence within the sport, details about his personal life remain relatively obscure.

Goodell is married to former NBC journalist Jane Skinner; the two met in 1991 and married in 1997 after first friending each other via a Giants-Vikings game. The couple has two daughters together: twin girls born in 2001 named Anna and Tess.

Outside of football, one of Goodell’s major interests is cooking; he considers it a favorite hobby of his, claiming to make “some fancy sauces.” In 2018 he even produced a BBQ cookbook titled “Barbecue & Sofas and Friends,” which plays off an old belief held by many sports commentators that if you win enough NFL games, you get your barbecue show.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has an estimated net worth of $200 million as of 2019. He has been the NFL’s chief executive since 2006, and his eight-year contract extension in 2012 is reportedly worth up to $180 million.

Goodell has presided over significant growth for the NFL, now the most valuable sports league in the world, with annual revenues exceeding $13 billion. Thanks for reading! I hope you found this post interesting and informative. Please share it with your friends and followers on social media if you do.

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