mc hammer net worth

MC Hammer Net Worth

As of 2021, MC Hammer has an estimated net worth of $33 million. This includes his music earnings, product endorsements, and investments. He is one of the most commercially successful rappers of all time, selling over 50 million records worldwide.

In addition, he has toured extensively and has had a number of successful business ventures.

mc hammer net worth
MC Hammer Net Worth 6

Early Years

Stanley Kirk Burrell was a native of California born on March 30, 1962. His father was a warehouse management engineer for a number of years before gambling began to take over his life and almost bankrupt his parents.

Lucky for him Hammer never acquired the gambling gene. Instead, his passion was music, football, and dance. At 11 years old Young Hammer made money dancing outside of Oakland Coliseum at home against A.

He was surprised when his team owner Chuck Finley asked him to watch the game on his luxury box. Finley became a fan and recruited him as their batman.

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Early Careers

MC Hammer became renowned for introducing innovative pop-rap performances during the early 1980s. A former rapper, he was the first to get Diamond status for albums.

He is considered a sellout in the hip-hop industry because of his mainstream style but is nonetheless one of the greatest rappers of the past century and a performer whose dance technique also attracts the attention of many.

Hammer started to sing at local venues throughout Oakland. Upon securing a record deal, the player borrowed $200,000 for the players Mike Davis and Dwayne Murphy. In return, MC Hammer launched an independent label Bust It Productions.

Commercial Success

While his dream was playing baseball for the professional leagues, Hammer never ceased to enjoy music. During his career as an A’er, he was known as “MC,” meaning Master of Ceremonies.

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MC performs in clubs where the players travel. During this time he was nicknamed Hammer because of his similarity to Home run king Hammer Aaron.

Hammer returned to Oakland after an internship with the local university and three years with the Navy where he served as an aviation storekeeper. Hammer established his own record label Bust It Productions in the early 1980s.


Hammer’s unique stage persona drew his biggest break in 1998 after impressing Capitol Records executives who had been attending a Hammer show. He signed the record deals for $175,000 in advance. The 1990 single “U Can’t Touch It” was Hammer’s highest hit.

The song was ranked number 1 on a major chart for 20 weeks. This song remains popular. Hammer supported the album extensively on European tours in 1991. It was notable for sampling famous musicians including Prince The Jackson5, Marvin Gaye, and Faith None More.

Financial Troubles

However, he has also been dogged by financial troubles throughout his career.

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In 1996, he filed for bankruptcy after accumulating over $13 million in debt. More recently, he was forced to sell his California mansion in 2012 after falling behind on mortgage payments. Despite his ups and downs, MC Hammer remains one of the richest rappers in the world.

MC Hammer Bankruptcy

At its peak, Hammer was worth about a million. He employed around 200 employees and carried a crew weighing about 40 deep. In his orbit, Hammer spent around $500 a month on support for the whole team and he was obviously a pioneer in music as a musician who was never happy with the simple existence.

Instead, he is making new ground, this time in the hills over the neighborhood where he was raised in a house that cost $30 million in construction.

Awards And Recognition

MC Hammer is one of the best-selling artists in pop/rap genre. This list includes awards – eight American Music Awards – Billboard Diamond awards, NAACP Images Awards, Peoples Choice awards, and more – and more – as well as his own awards. He has also anchored numerous other awards, such as Soul Train awards, Shorts awards, and others.

mc hammer net worth
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MC Hammer: An Entrepreneur

He is a record producer and rapper but is also a philanthropist who has started various businesses as well. He runs an integrated martial arts and business development company called Alchemist which opened in 2010.

He managed several fighters through his firm including Tim F. Kennedy, Nate Marquardt, and John C. Jones. Similarly, he created an alchemist apparel company that adopted new color schemes.

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Nate Marquardt was one model that sold the items. Hammer was arguably America’s richest music artist, but his fame dwindled as a result.

Personal Life

MC Hammer met Stephanie Burrell in 1985. They have three sons and two daughters. Hammer lives with his family in a modest ranch-style house located in a picturesque town called Tracy, California.


Like most popular artists, MC Hammer has been the subject of countless controversies. There is also bankruptcy news and different cases. In addition to the rumors that the MC Hammer would be insolvent, he also spent $12 million building up acreage at Firemouth, California.

Aside from the massive salaries and bonuses, he also spent enormous sums on a number of personal luxuries. Forbes says Hammer’s net worth is around $ 33 million. Only when speculations began to spread that his debts are increasing and he was unable to pay back the money due to the rising interest rates and the declining sales of his music.

Peak Of The Career Net Worth

Hammer is an American rapper, entertainer, and dancer. Hammer’s personal fortune surpassed $70 million during his peak years in 1990. Unfortunately, his biggest loss was due to excessive personal expenditure.

mc hammer net worth
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His bankruptcy was triggered in 1996. MC Hammer is famous for his distinctive dance moves and unusual style. During the 1990s his sales exceeded 25 million albums.

MC Hammer’s Net Worth

Hammer’s success with his debut album helped him achieve financial stability with a reported net worth of $33 million by 1991 boosted by his successful world tour and merchandise sales. However, MC Hammer would go bankrupt just seven years later after overspending on lavish investments including two private jets, multiple mansions (one complete with its own helicopter pad), multiple exotic cars (one complete with 24-karat gold detailing), and parties where he often showered attendees with $100 bills.

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By 1996 he owed the IRS $13 million in back taxes which he eventually paid off by 2003 through payment plans and real estate sales. MC Hammer has since rebuilt his wealth through wise investments including ownership in tech startups like Dancejam (a social media site for dancers which was sold to Google) and ventures into real estate development among others. As of 2022 MC Hammer’s net worth is an estimated $33 million making him one of the richest rappers in the world.

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