Tom Brady Net Worth: All You Need to Know

Net Worth$250 million
Place of BirthSan Meteo, CA
Date of BirthAugust 3rd, 1977
Weight225 lbs
ProfessionProfessional Football Player
NationalityUnited States

What Is Tom Brady’s Net Worth?

The iconic NFL legend is estimated to have a net worth north of $250 million.

Most of his wealth comes from his salary. It’s what he earned throughout his illustrious career in pro football, which has been going strong for over two decades.

Brady is currently under contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is projected to make $15 million for the 2022-23 season.

How Does Tom Brady Make His Money?

If you look at a list of the world’s millionaires, you’ll find that there’s something that they all have in common. It’s that they don’t put their all eggs in one basket. Tom Brady is no exception.

Despite the fact that the man is widely regarded as the greatest NFL player of all time, and has made hundreds of millions over his career, he’s been keen to diversify his income streams.

Let’s dive into the details of Tom Brady’s sources of income.

NFL Salary

The bulk of Tom Brady’s riches come from the lucrative contracts he’s signed over his career. He’s made over $330 million in the NFL and will be up to $345 million following the upcoming season.

Although Brady is currently on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster, the majority of the contracts he’s signed in the NFL came with the New England Patriots.

The superstar quarterback’s salary wasn’t always so large. He started off his career earning $860,000 over three years. The sixth-round draft pick quickly proved beyond doubt that he was grossly underpaid.

The Patriots didn’t even wait for his first contract to end before rewarding Brady with a five-year $30.5 million extension.

From that point onwards, Brady signed mega-contract after mega-contract with the team. Here’s a summary of his contracts with the Patriots:

20056 Years$60 million
20104 Years$72 million
20133 Years$27 million
20162 Years$41 million
20191 Year$23 million

Despite the size of his contracts, it’s a well-known fact that Brady actually compromised his own salary to allow the team to have cap space to sign quality players and boost their chances of winning the Superbowl. 

It’s estimated that Brady gave up about $60 million during his time in New England. This says a lot about his priorities. Making as much money as possible was secondary to the all-time great’s desire to win championships.

Endorsement Deals

As with all of the biggest names in the world of pro sports, Tom Brady has had a long list of endorsement deals with brands from a wide variety of industries. The household name has made about $150 million from his endorsement deals over the years.

His current endorsement deals are with brands such as Under Armour, FTX,  IWC, Upper Deck, and Molecule Mattresses. He also has an ownership stake in Under Armour and FTX.

Brady’s investment in and endorsement of FTX has gotten him, as well as some other big-name celebrities such as Steph Curry and Larry David, into hot water.

They’re facing legal repercussions for false advertising.

Here are some of the other brands that Brady has been involved with over the past 20 years:

  • Subway
  • Tag Heuer
  • Footlocker
  • T-Mobile
  • UGG
  • Aston Martin
  • Hertz 
  • EA Sports Madden NFL

Business Ventures

Tom Brady hasn’t limited himself to getting paid from already-established companies in return for his endorsement. The seven-time Superbowl champion has also gotten into the spirit of entrepreneurship and started a few businesses of his own.

In 2013, Brady launched TB12. This is a lifestyle brand that offers customers all sorts of products ranging from clothes to dietary supplements that allow them to live life the Brady way.

He used this brand’s platform and reach to promote The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Life of Sustained Peak Performance. This book was published in 2017 and became an instant New York Times bestseller.

Brady has also entered the media production space with his company 199 Productions. He started this company in 2020 and released the documentary Man in the Arena a year later. The company is also expected to release another documentary in 2023 called 80 For Brady.

The former is an account of the most iconic moments of Brady’s incredible career, while the latter is about a group of friends that are on a mission to attend the Superbowl and meet the GOAT.

Another field that Brady has dabbled in is NFTs. He created Autograph, a platform that aims to provide buyers with digital art collections revolving around sports and entertainment.

Family and Early Life

So, where did it all start?

Brady was born in San Mateo, CA in August of 1977. He’s the youngest of Galynn and Tom Brady Sr.’s four children and is also the only boy.

His three older sisters were heavily involved in all kinds of sports from an early age, which was a big factor in the development of Tom’s competitive spirit and affinity for athletics. 

The competition between the four siblings wasn’t limited to just sports. They competed in all aspects of life, even in water pistol fights, and who would get to hold the TV remote.

After trying his hand (and feet) in many sports, Brady decided that football was his only love.

He got his first taste of what it’s like to be in an NFL arena when he and his family would go to San Francisco 49ers games on Sundays. This further fueled his desire to one day transform from a fan to a player.

Personal Life

Brady’s success in his career combined with his dashing good looks has made his love life a topic of considerable public interest.

There’s no shortage of beautiful women and drama in Tom Brady’s personal life throughout the years since he burst onto the scene as an NFL superstar.

His first highly publicized love affair was with Bridget Moynahan, the stunning Hollywood actress that featured in blockbusters such as John Wick and I Robot. Brady and Moynahan started dating in 2004 and stayed together for roughly three years.

Despite the fact that the relationship didn’t work out, the duo actually have a child together by the name of John.

Brady also had brief flings with actress Tara Reed and Playboy Playmate Layla Roberts.

However, if you ask anyone that hasn’t been living under a rock for the past decade about Tom Brady’s love life, the first name that’ll come to their mind is Gisele Bundchen.

Let’s explore Brady’s relationship with the Brazilian supermodel in more detail:

Relationship With Gisele Bundchen

Tom and Gisele met for the first time in 2006. At the time, Brady’s relationship with Bridget Moynahan was still very much alive. However, both he and Gisele knew that they shared a special bond.

This bond ultimately proved to be stronger than the one between Brady and Moynahan, prompting their relationship to come to an end.

The first real test of Brady and Gisele’s love came a year into their relationship. In 2007, Moynahan made it publicly known that she was pregnant with Brady’s child. Needless to say, this put a significant strain on his relationship with Gisele. In fact, it almost ended it.

However, the couple got through this tribulation and got engaged two years later. Shortly thereafter, they decided to tie the knot. The couple has had two children together, Benjamin Rein and Vivian Lake.

Gisele was always on Brady’s side, even when things weren’t looking up. This was especially evident amidst the infamous deflategate scandal. 

In 2015, Brady was accused of instructing the arena staff to deflate the game ball being used in the Patriots bout with the Indianapolis Colts for the AFC Championship. This scandal shook the sports world and threatened to tarnish Brady’s reputation forever.

However, Gisele stood by him every step of the way, and they got through this difficult time together. 

After 14 years of marriage, Brady and Gisele have recently decided to call it quits in a highly publicized divorce. It’s believed that the main factor that caused the fracture in their marriage is that Gisele feels that Brady prioritizes his career over her.

Career Journey

Brady’s journey to the NFL started out at Junipero Serra High School. This is where he first started playing organized football. Three years into his high school career, he was named the team’s starting quarterback.

Due to his stellar play during his senior season, he garnered a lot of interest from NCAA scouts.

Brady was also a multi-sport athlete. In fact, he was so good at baseball that he was offered a contract to play Major League baseball for the Montreal Expos straight out of high school.

However, the NFL icon decided to accept the scholarship offer he received from the University of Michigan to play D1 football.

College Career

Brady’s first season at Michigan should’ve been the 1995-96 season. However, he decided to redshirt that year and didn’t make his first appearance for the Wolverines until the 96-97 season.

He spent his sophomore and junior years at Michigan as a second-string quarterback behind Brian Griese. Brady finally got his chance to shine when Griese left Ann Arbor for the NFL.

In his final season at Michigan, Brady really made a name for himself. He broke the school’s records for pass attempts and completions, the first of many records he would shatter throughout his iconic football career.

NFL Career

In retrospect, it seems absolutely implausible that Tom Brady was picked by the Patriots as the 199th in the 2000 NFL Draft. Then again, hindsight vision is always 20/20.

Brady’s best qualities aren’t his athleticism, strength, or speed. Unfortunately, these are the attributes focused on in the Draft Combine. This meant that Brady was unable to showcase his intangibles to scouts, causing him to slip all the way to the sixth round of the draft. 

Two decades later, Brady is the only quarterback from the 2000 Draft to still be playing in the NFL.

During his rookie season, Brady barely saw any action on the field. He spent the season backing up the established veteran quarterback Drew Bledsoe. 

He showed the coaching staff glimpses of what he was capable of during practice, all he needed was an opportunity to get out there and prove himself.

This opportunity came when Drew Bledsoe was severely injured during a 2001 game against the New York Jets.

To say that Brady seized this chance would be putting it mildly. The now undisputed greatest quarterback in NFL history made an instant splash and never looked back. 

He led the Patriots to three Superbowl championships in four years, and a total of six Superbowl championships during his 20 seasons with the team.

His latest Superbowl win came in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which further cemented his legacy as one of the greatest winners in the history of sports.

In February of 2022, Brady officially announced that he was walking away from the game and calling it a career after his legendary 22-year NFL journey. However, this decision didn’t last long. In a matter of months, Brady issued a statement that he wasn’t done just yet. 

Brady holds almost every record that an NFL quarterback could possibly have, and the 45-year-old is showing no signs of slowing down.

Here are some of the records that Brady can proudly call his own:

  • Games started: 316
  • Passing Yards: 84,520
  • Completions: 7,263
  • Passing touchdowns: 624
  • Division titles: 18
  • Oldest ever NFL MVP: 40 years old
  • Pro Bowl appearances: 15
  • Seasons with one team: 20
  • Super Bowl appearances: 10
  • Super Bowl wins: 7
  • Super Bowl MVPs: 5 

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