swizz beatz net worth

Swizz Beatz Net Worth

Swizz Beatz, a stage name for Kasseem Dean, is one of the wealthiest celebrities in the United States. He is a New York City-based songwriter, singer, record producer, rapper, DJ, art collector, and businessman who has written music for well-known performers.

Dean’s career as a musician got its start as a disc jockey.

Swizz Beatz Net Worth

American song producer Swizz Beatz has a net worth of $170 million.

Overview Of Swizz Beatz

Early Life

On September 13th, 1978, in New York, Kasseem Dean was born. The mother of Dean is a mixed-race woman with Irish, Puerto Rican, and Afro-Jamaican ancestry. Dean did not spend a lot of time with his father growing up because his parents had split up.

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He started deejaying as a teenager and quickly became the most popular DJ in town. His success wasn’t just limited to him though, because he was able to borrow some equipment from his stepfather that helped make all of this possible! 

His recurrent participation in aggressive behavior at Harry S. Truman High School led to his relocation to Atlanta, Georgia.


Dean was invited to mix the music for the Fall 2007 New York Fashion Week runway show put on by the design team Heatherette. The same year, Dean’s One Man Band Man solo debut studio album was published.

The album debuted at number seven on the US Billboard 200 and sold 45,000 copies in its first week. It was preceded by the lead singles “It’s Me Bitches” and “Money in the Bank.”

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Dean put out a song called “You Stay on My Mind” two years later. He recorded the promotional song “When I Step in the Club” for Hennessy Black on April 24, 2009. Hype Williams also produced a music video, which was also made public.

His first Grammy was given to him in 2011 for the song “On to the Next One,” which he collaborated on with American rapper Jay-Z. The award was given in the category of Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.

Eve contributed a line to the inaugural Haute Living promotional song, “Everyday (Coolin’),” which was produced by Joe Lindsay and distributed via monstermondays.com in 2011.

A few yet-to-be-released special collaborations, including one dubbed “Skyscrapers” with Kanye West and Bono, will appear on the album, Dean disclosed in an interview with Paper Mag in April 2011: We have this song, called “Skyscrapers,” and it was written by me, Bono, and Kanye West.

Private Life

Mashonda Tifrere, a musician, dated Swizz Beatz from 1998 to 2000. In 2000, Swizz gave birth to Nasir Dior with Nichole Levy. The couple wed in 2004; their son, Kasseem Dean Jr. was born in December 2006. 

Nicole, born in 2008, is Swizz’s other child with UK singer Jahna Sebastion. In 2007, they had a brief relationship. Nicole wasn’t revealed to Beatz until a year after her birth.

Swizz Beatz was selected as the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation’s global ambassador in 2012. Beatz received admission to Harvard Business School in April 2014. 

Dean posted a video on social media in October 2017 to commemorate the last few days before his graduation: “Being able to attend Harvard after leaving the Bronx has been a blessing. 

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Many others asked, “Why would you go to school?” There is never a bad time to start or continue your education.” He then urged others to pursue education as well. “The power of knowledge. 

It is not required to be an Ivy League institution. Do what you want as long as it’s what you want to do.” He stated that he received his diploma in November 2017.


Swizz Beatz, a rapper, producer, DJ, and songwriter, was responsible for many hits in the early 2000s and beyond. His innovative approach to production helped to define the sound of rap over several decades.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Does Swizz Beatz Get Paid?

Swizz Beatz makes an annual income of $15 million, according to estimates.

What Is Swizz Beatz’s Height?

Swizz Beatz is 1.85 meters (6 feet 1 inch) tall.

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