Sheryl Sandberg Net Worth

With a background in both Google and Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg rose to great success as she progressed up the corporate ladder. In 2008, her career skyrocketed when she joined Mark Zuckerberg’s entrepreneurial team at Facebook – propelling her into notable financial security through her role as COO.

After establishing a legacy of success at Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg officially departed the firm on June 1st. In her 14-year tenure, not only did she bravely face controversies, but also experienced explosive growth and profitability that will forever remain in company history.

Sheryl Sandberg Net Worth

Due to her stock holdings in Facebook and other firms, Sandberg is said to have a net worth of US$1.7 billion.

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Overview Of Sheryl Sandberg

Early Life

Sheryl Sandberg, the powerful COO of Facebook and best-selling author, was born on August 28, 1969, into a Jewish family in D.C., before moving to Florida at two years old, where she grew up with her siblings.

She started strong in high school and finished with a 4.646 GPA before enrolling in Harvard College. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics in 1991. She received the John H. Williams Prize for being the top economics department graduating student. She enrolled in Harvard once more in 1993, attending the business school where she graduated with an MBA in 1995.

sheryl sandberg net worth
Sheryl Sandberg Net Worth 2


Before working for Larry Sanders, the American Secretary of the Treasury, Sandberg spent the first portion of her career as a management consultant. When she eventually joined Google, she oversaw the company’s marketing and publishing initiatives for its consumer goods, as well as its Google Book Search function. When she finally left Google, the company’s ad and sales staff had grown from four to 4,000 workers.

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Sandberg received an opportunity to become Facebook COO after meeting Mark Zuckerberg at a holiday party. In 2008, she was hired by the business formally, and she started looking for ways to make the dominant social networking platform profitable. 

Sandberg succeeded in her mission by using paid advertising. By 2020, she will be in charge of a sizable percentage of Facebook’s corporate activities. She was the first woman to join the board of directors of Facebook in 2012.

Facebook Holdings

Sheryl carefully sold $1.7 to $1.9 billion of stock between Facebook’s IPO in May 2012 and her exit from the firm in June 2022, according to public documents.

Sheryl purchased or earned a total of 48 million Facebook shares while working at Facebook. She eventually sold about 20 million to pay taxes. She sold at least 22 million of the 28 million that was left through a scheduled-selling scheme.

Sheryl still held over $300 million worth of Facebook shares at the time of her resignation from Facebook in June 2022

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Investigation Into Anti-trust

As a result of alleged antitrust law infractions, it was stated in 2020 that the FTC was considering deposing both Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg. This occurred after the computer giant paid a $5 billion fine for violations one year prior. 

Since the scandal started, Mark Zuckerberg has testified before US court committees multiple times, and as of 2020, these antitrust probes are still affecting senior Facebook executives like Sheryl Sandberg.

Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Sheryl Sandberg may have had a significant influence on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to several analysts. When it was discovered that Cambridge Analytica had improperly gathered user data from Facebook, primarily to create political advertising campaigns, this incident took place in 2018. Before it was shamefully shut down, Cambridge Analytica was a British political consultancy company.

Users were exposed to questions on Facebook to create thorough psychological profiles, which was a direct involvement. The data was later sold by Cambridge Analytica to various political campaigns. This profiling and data mining allegedly affected the 2016 US elections and started as early as 2013. 

According to reports, Sandberg was held personally accountable by Zuckerberg for the debate and backlash that followed. Sandberg became worried about her job’s future during a contentious confrontation with the Facebook CEO.

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Private Life

Sheryl Sandberg married twice in her life – first to Brian Kraff for a short-lived year and then to Dave Goldberg with whom she built an incredible family that includes two children.

In 2015, tragedy struck when beloved Goldberg passed away due to an unexpected heart arrhythmia. Sandberg’s courage in speaking up about the cause of death brought comfort and closure during a difficult time.

The CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, and Sheryl began dating in 2016. After three years of dating, they broke up. She got engaged to Kelton Global CEO Tom Bernthal in 2020.

Further Controversy

Sheryl Sandberg has drawn criticism for a variety of different actions, and many consider her to be the main proponent of “surveillance capitalism.” 

She also requested an investigation into George Soros’ financial operations when he openly denounced the actions of several internet businesses from a group of Facebook communications specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Profession Does Sheryl Sandberg’s Spouse Hold?

The Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg Family Foundation’s board of directors now include Bernthal, who sold his business several years ago.

What Caused Sheryl Sandberg To Resign, Meta?

In an interview with Julia Boorstin of CNBC, Sandberg asserted that her decision to retire will enable her to focus more on her humanitarian activities. She claims that neither the current slowdown in advertising nor the company’s regulatory load are factors in the decision.

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