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Linda Tripp is best known for her part in the Monica Lewinsky scandal in the late 1990s. But did you know that she has a surprisingly large net worth? Linda Tripp net worth is estimated to be around $40 million at the time of her death in 2020.

Behind all of the furor and drama, Linda Tripp was actually quite wealthy. Her primary source of income has come from her various government jobs, including work for the Department of Defense and the Pentagon.

In addition to that, Linda Tripp was also a successful author. In 2003 she released her book “The Power of Friendship: Faithful Friendships in a World Gone Wild”. This book was a bestseller and helped to further Linda’s financial success.

In addition to her government jobs, book sales, and other miscellaneous income streams, Linda Tripp also earned money through speaking engagements. She was regularly featured as a special guest at conferences and events around the world and earns quite a bit of money for each appearance.


Full NameLinda Rose Tripp
Stage NameN/A
GenderFemale ♀️
NationalityAmerican 🇺🇸
Birth DateNovember 24, 1949
Zodiac SignSagittarius ♐
BirthplaceJersey City, New Jersey, USA 🇺🇸
OccupationCivil servant
Notable WorksRole in the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal
EducationHanover Park High School, East Hanover, NJ 🎓
Spoken LanguagesEnglish 🇬🇧
Marital StatusMarried 💍
PartnerDieter Rausch
Ex PartnerBruce Tripp
Net Worth$40 million
Source of WealthCivil Service
Death AnniversaryApril 8, 2020 🕊️

Early life

Linda was born on the 24th of November, 1949 in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States to parents Albert Carotenuto and Inge. Her father worked as a high school teacher while her mother acted as a homemaker from Germany. Linda’s folks met during world war 2.

However, her father’s romantic rendezvous with another educator caused the pair to separate in 1968, leaving Linda emotionally wounded and extremely devoted to the sanctity of marriage. For her schooling, she attended Hanover Park High School where she obtained her high school diploma in 1968.


After graduating, Linda attended a typing school and married her first boyfriend Bruce Tripp in 1971. An Army training officer, Bruce was the source of her early work experience as a secretary for the Army Intelligence in Maryland base. In 1987, she began working for the George H. W. Bush administration and maintained her job even after the 1993’s election of Bill Clinton.

Though she left the White House in 1994, Tripp was transferred to the Pentagon’s Office of Public Affairs where her yearly salary was increased by $20,000. There, she developed a close relationship with fellow employee Monica Lewinsky.

Tripp served at the White House as President Bush’s adviser from 1990-1994 and then again for Clinton. From 1994 to 2001, he held a post in the Pentagon’s Office of Public Affairs.

linda tripp net worth

Clinton Lewinsky Scandal

In the Pentagon office, Tripp and Monica Lewinsky established an intimate bond despite their 24-year age gap. As a wise mentor to the young intern, Tripp was seen as an older sister that she could rely on for advice and support.

As Monica and Tripp’s friendship developed, they spent almost a year and a half in each other’s company. Naturally, this resulted in the two women forming an intimate bond and trust. During their time together, Monica opened up about her liaison with then-President Bill Clinton – unleashing an untold secret to her confidant.

Tripp’s involvement in the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton scandal was key to assisting Kenneth Starr with his investigation in 1998. Leveraging recordings of conversations between Tripp and Lewinsky that revealed the intimate relationship between President Clinton and Lewinsky, Starr’s investigative team was able to unwrap the truth.

Unjustly, Tripp was terminated from her position at the Pentagon in 2001 – on Clinton’s last day as President. Tripp filed a lawsuit against The US Department of Defense and Justice for disclosing her private information to the public. Convinced that she had been wrongfully terminated, her unwavering belief resulted in a reparative payment of $595,000. She left an unforgettable mark on history with this significant accomplishment.

The historic impeachment of President Clinton was catalyzed by Linda Tripp, who has since become a renowned figure in the public eye. She travels around the globe appearing at various events and authored “The Power of Friendship: Faithful Friendships in a World Gone Wild” which came out in 2003. This book serves as her testament to propelled relationships within an untamed society.

Moving Forward After the Scandal

Following the aftermath of the scandal, Tripp largely evaded public attention until 2014 when she released her memoir titled “A Scandalous Life”. The book expounded on her stint in the White House and friendship with Monica Lewinsky. In it, she declared that Clinton was untruthful under oath regarding his relationship with Lewinsky and felt compelled to reveal the info she had gathered on the scandal.

Tripp made headlines once more in 2017 when she was charged with disorderly conduct after a spat with a neighbor, though the charges were eventually dropped.

Apart from that, Tripp had maintained a low-key presence in the years following. She was reported to have passed away on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, at her home in Middleburg, Virginia. This news may not have fully circulated due to the spread of COVID-19 occurring at that time.

“Impeachment: American Crime Story” premiered on television in 2021 to uncover the truth behind this infamous scandal. Sarah Paulson portrayed the character of Linda Tripp in an acclaimed performance.

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In 2002, Tripp and Dieter Rausch opened The Christmas Sleigh; a year-round holiday store in Middleburg, Virginia. For over 18 years, the couple has successfully maintained their business operations and developed their shop into one of the most beloved stores in town.

Personal Life

Linda Tripp married Bruce Tripp in 1971 but the pair divorced in 1993 due to irreconcilable differences. They have two sons together: Ryan and Tyler, who she raised as a single mother. Linda also has one grandchild from her son Ryan.

In 2004 she married her second husband Dieter Rausch – a German-born entrepreneur.

Linda Tripp died on April 8, 2020, at the age of 70. Though it’s unclear what caused her death although it’s rumored she died of pancreatic cancer.

Winding Up

Despite all of the controversy surrounding her name, Linda Tripp was a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. She rose above all of the drama to build her empire and become one of the most well-known figures in modern American history.

Linda Tripp’s net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. The bulk of her wealth came from government salaries, book sales, speaking engagements, and court settlements. 

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