lil dicky net worth

Lil Dicky Net Worth

A man of many talents, Lil Dicky, is a successful rap artist, comedian, actor and television personality. He has built an impressive career in music and comedy that has earned him millions of fans and multiple awards.

One may recall Lil Dicky’s breakout hit single, “Ex-Boyfriend,” which went viral in 2013. This was followed by his successful rap albums, Professional Rapper and Brainstorm. He has also starred in the FX comedy series Dave since 2020.

In this article, we will discuss Lil Dicky net worth and how he has achieved such success.

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Early Life

Lil Dicky, born David Andrew Burd in 1988, was raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He first found success as a stand-up comedian who regularly performed at open mic nights and comedy clubs throughout the city. Lil Dicky eventually moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of an acting career.

His passion for music started out while he was young. He would listen to hip-hop, rap, and rock music growing up. In high school, Lil Dicky was a part of the rap group “The BrainTrust”.

Career Breakdown

lil dicky net worth
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Lil Dicky has made a name for himself in both the comedy and music industries. His stand-up comedy career began in 2009 when he opened for comedians such as Dave Chappelle and Lil Rel Howery.

His first mixtape, “So Hard” was released in 2011 after taking Lil Dicky 2 years to work on it since he was balancing his job as an account manager in an advertising agency.

In 2013, Lil Dicky released his debut single “Ex-Boyfriend” which quickly went viral and was praised by fans around the world. This success led to Lil Dicky being signed to a major label deal with Fools Gold Records.

Lil Dicky released his debut rap album “Professional Rapper” in 2015. The album featured Lil Dicky’s signature humorous lyrics and catchy hooks and peaked at number 7 on the Billboard 200 and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Lil Dicky also released the single “Save Dat Money” featuring Lil Yachty and Rich Homie Quan in 2015, which quickly became a hit, a song where Lil Dicky raps about not wasting money on extravagant things.

It was a huge success and Lil Dicky followed it up with the release of his second studio album, Brainstorm, in 2017. His 2017 video “Pillow Talking” earned a spot in the most expensive music videos because of the special effects Lil Dicky used in the video.

In 2019, Burd released the song “Earth” featuring different artists from all over the world including Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Kevin Hart, and Justin Beiber among others. They voiced the animated music video.

lil dicky net worth
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Lil Dicky was able to use comedy and music to spread awareness about global warming. Later that year Lil Dicky released his song “Professional Rapper” featuring Snoop Dogg which reached number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In 2020 Lil Dicky released the single “Funny Business” featuring Snoop Dogg, which was part of his documentary series called Dave.

In addition to music, Lil Dicky has also starred in the FX comedy series Dave since 2020. He is also known for his Youtube channel which has over 8 million subscribers and over 2 billion views. Lil Dicky has been featured on numerous television shows including Last Call with Carson Daly, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Music Style

Lil Dicky is well known for his humorous and witty style of rap music. Lil Dicky often raps about topics such as ex-girlfriends, money, and other things that most people can relate to. Lil Dicky has been praised for his clever wordplay and funny punchlines which have earned him a huge following with fans around the world.

He has been quoted as saying that he wanted to use music as a platform to bring awareness to social issues and spread his comedy before falling in love with the art form.

Lil Dicky Net Worth

lil dicky net worth
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A Jack of all trades, Lil Dicky has earned millions of dollars throughout the course of his career. He has made money through stand-up comedy shows, acting and television appearances, music videos and albums, as well as endorsement deals, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. Lil Dicky’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million USD.

Lil Dicky has earned a significant amount of money through his stand-up comedy shows. Lil Dicky opened for comedy acts such as Dave Chappelle and Lil Rel Howery in the past, which led to him making thousands off of each show with an estimated payment of $2,000 to $5,000 per show.

Lil Dicky has also earned money through his acting and television appearances. Lil Dicky starred in the FX comedy series Dave since 2020, which paid him in a six-figure salary. He has also made appearances on other hit shows such as The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The League, and 30 Rock. Lil Dicky has also starred in the movie Lil Dicky: Professional Rapper.

His music tours and albums have earned Lil Dicky lots of money. Lil Dicky went on tour in 2015 which earned him millions from ticket sales and merchandise. Lil Dicky’s endorsement deals and sponsorships with brands such as Reebok, Beats By Dre, and Comedy Central has earned Lil Dicky millions of dollars. He has also made money from his merchandise sales such as t-shirts, hats, and other items.

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Personal Life

Lil Dicky currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Lil Dicky is unmarried and does not have any children.

He has been involved in many philanthropic efforts such as Lil Dicky’s GoFundMe campaign which raised money for climate change awareness. Lil Dicky has also been involved in the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Bet Tzedek Legal Services, and UNICEF.

Wrap Up

If there is one thing that is for sure, it is that Lil Dicky has made a name for himself through his music, comedy, and acting. Lil Dicky has earned millions of dollars throughout the course of his career, with an estimated net worth of $12 million USD. Lil Dicky continues to use his talent to bring awareness to different causes, as well as entertain fans around the world with his unique style of rap music. Lil Dicky continues to stay true to himself and provide hours of entertainment for millions of fans around the world.

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