Joe Francis Net Worth

Joe Francis is a controversial figure in the world of entertainment. He is the founder of the company Girls Gone Wild, which became famous for its videos of young women flashing their breasts and engaging in drunken behaviour. 

While Joe Francis has had his share of legal troubles, he has also made a fortune through his business ventures. So just how rich is Joe Francis? Let’s take a look at his net worth and find out!

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Joe Francis Net Worth

Joe Francis is a successful businessman and movie producer from the United States with a fortune of $25 million.

Joe’s actual net worth at any given time is rather impossible to determine after a decade of legal and financial ups and downs. He has been living in exile in Mexico since 2015.

joe francis net worth
Joe Francis Net Worth 2

He allegedly departed the country to escape the repercussions of numerous lawsuits and court rulings there. This page will go into much more information about these lawsuits and rulings later on. 

He resides in Mexico in the community of Punta Mita, 10 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, in an estate with 40,000 square feet of custom-built space known as Casa Aramara. His Mexican property is usually rented out for $35,000 a month and is valued at between $10 and $15 million.

Francis is most known for creating the movies and television shows Girls Gone Wild and Banned From Television, among others.

Joe Francis has frequently been in the news for reasons unrelated to his work in movies. He is accused of engaging in dishonest behavior such as excessive gambling, libel, tax evasion, and bribery.

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He has also entered a no-contest plea to the accusations of child abuse and pornography. Before relocating permanently to Mexico, Francis was involved in several highly publicized legal disputes.

Joe Francis might continue to reside in Mexico for the foreseeable future because the US and Mexico do not have an extradition agreement for warrants for civil disobedience.

Joe Francis Overview

Early Life And Education

Joseph R. Francis is a well-known and successful man in America, born on April 1st of 1973 to an Austrian mother and American father who both played important roles during their time alive!

He spent his first seven years in Atlanta and later moved to California, where he attended high school. After that; Thompson finished out his education by enrolling at Newport Beach District High School for one year before moving back home (to Georgia).

Francis’ childhood was spent moving from one school to another, often boarding. He also worked at an electronics retailer where he learned about computers and video games before attending college – the University of Southern California (USC). There Francis majored in entrepreneurship which would later help him become successful!

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Joe Francis started out working for Real TV as a production assistant. Francis created the first idea for Banned from Television while working on the program. Joe Francis produced videos under the Banned from Television label that depicted actual tragic accidents, suicides, executions, motorcycle collisions, and a variety of other frightening scenarios using unusable footage he licensed from Real TV.

After some time, Joe Francis was disturbed by this work and decided to turn his attention to a new undertaking, Girls Gone Wild. The 1997-produced Girls Gone Wild videos featured young women in their undergraduate years baring their bodies and acting raucously.

Francis’ videos were a huge hit, and within the first two years, he had made over $20 million. The business made hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue throughout its existence and rose to fame for its relentless stream of late-night infomercials.

Private Life

Abbey Wilson, one of the females in the Girls Gone Wild movies, subsequently ended up dating Francis for a very long time. When Wilson’s iPad was taken in 2013, there were supposedly sex films of her and Francis on it. Through in vitro fertilization, Abbey Wilson and Francis had twin children in 2014.

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Joe stated he hadn’t seen his daughters for more than a week in December 2021. Legal records made public by TMZ appeared to demonstrate that Abbey had been defying court orders to let Joe see their twin daughters and that the mother and kids had been unresponsive.

Abbey was almost the subject of an amber alert at one point and was charged with kidnapping. Abbey’s attorney allegedly had sole temporary custody of the twins.


Joe Francis is a fascinating person with a distinguished career. Despite this, he hasn’t been able to achieve the same success in his personal life and has frequently come under fire for various crimes that have hurt both how much money people like him earn and their reputation, among other things, which may affect your future earnings or chances at all if you’re not careful about what kind of person they see themselves becoming when left unchecked by society’s standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Joe Francis?

What has happened to Joe Francis? After a bankruptcy case and issues with the IRS, Francis, a 49-year-old man, relocated to Mexico about ten years ago.

In June 2021, it was made public that Joe had been detained on suspicion of sprinkling coronavirus on a woman by grabbing her by the neck.

What Debt Does Joe Francis Have?

Los Angeles, CA (CN) – Joe Francis, the creator of “Girls Gone Wild,” was found guilty of perjury and was sentenced to pay casino magnate Steve Wynn an additional $20 million in punitive damages for allegedly making a death threat against Francis over a gaming debt.

Joe Francis Was Charged With What?

The 40-year-old Francis was convicted in May on three counts of false detention, one count of assault resulting in grave bodily harm, and one count of intimidating a witness during an incident in his Bel Air mansion in 2011.

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