Geraldo Rivera Net Worth

Geraldo Rivera is a world-renowned television journalist, author, and attorney who has received numerous awards throughout his long career. Aside from all the accolades he’s earned as a respected public figure, many people are interested in knowing more about his net worth.

By exploring Geraldo Rivera’s lucrative business adventures and successful entrepreneurship history, we can learn more about how much this industry leader is worth today.

So if you’re curious to discover why Geraldo Rivera remains one of America’s most influential personalities with an esteemed portfolio filled with tremendous financial success, keep on reading!

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geraldo rivera net worth
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What Is Geraldo Rivera’s Net Worth?

Geraldo Rivera is an American journalist, reporter, and attorney with over 20 million net worth. He has succeeded by working for world-renowned networks such as ABC News and Fox News Channel.

Geraldo’s career began early when he became a news correspondent following the student protester movement during the late 1960s. His immense popularity earned him his talk show in 1987 called “Geraldo,” which he used to explore controversial topics such as racism and hate crimes.

Rivera continues to make headlines with his political views, books, and documentaries, cementing his position as a highly respected journalist.

Geraldo Rivera’s Early Life

Geraldo Rivera was born in Brooklyn, New York City, on July 4th, 1943. He is the son of a Puerto Rican father and a Russian-Jewish mother. Growing up in a culturally diverse environment, Geraldo was interested in politics from an early age.

During high school, he wrote articles for his school newspaper based on current events. After graduating high school, he attended the State University of New York Maritime College and then moved on to join the United States Army Reserve; after being honorably discharged, he went on to attend Yale University Law School.

During this period, Geraldo decided to pursue a career as a journalist. He began freelancing for local newspapers before landing a role with WABC-TV Rivera live as the principal investigative reporter. He’s since become one of the most famous correspondents in broadcast journalism due to his bold approach over the last three decades.

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Geraldo Rivera’s Life

Veteran news journalist Geraldo Rivera has had an illustrious career, but his personal life outside of work is equally compelling. The multi-talented media personality has been married five times to four different women.

He currently resides with his fifth and current wife, Erica Levy. In addition, Rivera is the father of five children from three former marriages. He enjoys participating in outdoor activities such as surfing and kayaking when he’s not reporting on world events.

He also likes to stay connected to his fan base through social media outlets and regularly engages in lighthearted political commentary on Twitter. Despite a long and colorful track record in multiple aspects of the entertainment industry, Rivera still shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Geraldo Rivera’s Career Life

Geraldo Rivera is an Emmy-award-winning journalist and attorney who has enjoyed a long and successful career. A Fox News contributor since 2001, he is best known for his weekly show Geraldo at Large, which focuses on social injustices.

His longtime affiliation with the network includes hosting the legal program Geraldo in Court and newsmagazine Geraldo Rivera Reports. He co-hosted Fox & Friends from 2011 to 2017 and various other shows with the network over the years.

Before joining Fox News, he was a correspondent for ABC’s 20/20, where he received an Emmy award in 1987 for his coverage of apartheid in South Africa. Having worked as an investigative reporter across several networks, Rivera has become widely recognized as one of America’s foremost journalists.

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geraldo rivera net worth
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Geraldo Rivera’s Gift And Award

He has over fifty years of experience in broadcast journalism and an impressive list of achievements to his name. His many awards include a Peabody Award in 1985 for his work uncovering neglected problems in the Veterans Administration hospital system, 11 Emmy awards, the RTDNA Paul White Award, 2 National Association of Hispanic Journalists Hall of Fame inductions, and Amnesty International Award for News Coverage.

Geraldo Rivera has also written several books that have appeared on bestseller lists, hosted a highly successful program—Geraldo (1987-1998), and received an honorary degree from Bethune-Cookman University. All these accomplishments highlight his standing as a veteran journalist and media personality.

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Geraldo Rivera’s Investment

In addition to his media career, he is also an investor in multiple businesses. As part of his portfolio, he has invested in residential and commercial property development, most notably the Skyline Tower in York City.

He currently serves as executive chairman of SOMOS Global Broadcasting LLC, a Spanish-American multimedia network with offices in Los Angeles and Mexico City.

Rivera is also a major shareholder of FarmLand Ventures Inc, and an agricultural business focused on hemp farming and related products. His belief in the potential of hemp-based solutions to many current issues has encouraged him to commit substantially to this emerging industry.

Frequently Asked Question

How Much Does Geraldo Rivera Get Paid By Fox?

Geraldo Rivera, the controversial American talk show host of FOX, has an estimated worth of $6 million. His substantial worth suggests that he is handsomely rewarded for his efforts at Fox News Channel.

Even though the exact figures of his salary remain undisclosed, it would be reasonable to assume that Rivera regularly earns a six-figure sum from Fox News in addition to lucrative bonuses and stock options. Furthermore, due to his vast television and radio broadcasting experience, it can be expected that additional income is also generated from outside sources.

Does Geraldo Rivera Own A Bentley?

Yes, Geraldo Rivera does own a Bentley. On multiple occasions, he has been seen driving his classic Bentley Continental GT around New York City. The car is estimated to be worth around $150,000.

It is not the only luxurious vehicle in his vast collection, as he also owns a Range Rover Autobiography and a Mercedes-Benz S550. Rivera has also been spotted driving a Tesla Model 3, indicating that he is keen to stay on top of the latest technological advancements in motor vehicles.

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geraldo rivera net worth
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Geraldo Rivera is an iconic figure in the world of news and entertainment. His estimated net worth of 20 million dollars reflects his many years in the public eye and his success across multiple platforms.

From television to radio to writing, Geraldo has done it all and done it well. If you’re ever looking for someone to give you an honest opinion on the world around us, Geraldo is your man. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about this legendary broadcaster.

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