deontay wilder net worth

Deontay Wilder Net Worth

Being the third-best heavyweight boxer in the world who is still in the competition, Deontay Wilder has a ton of power.

Although Wilder has been boxing for 20 years, he has shown no signs of quitting anytime soon, and as a result, his astounding net worth keeps increasing.

Deontay Wilder Net Worth

In 2015, Deontay Wilder won the WBC Heavyweight Championship. This win meant that he would be defending his belt for many more years to come!

Overview Of Deontay Wilder

On October 22, 1985, Deontay Wilder was born in Tuscaloosa Alabama. He graduated from Central High School where he played basketball and football for the University of Alabama before getting into professional boxing as well!

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He often thought about killing himself because he felt like his dreams had come crashing down. He wanted to be close to his daughter and attend The University of Alabama, but that wasn’t possible due to health concerns from spina bifida which left him stranded at Shelton State Community College where it all began for Deontay!

The champion has been crowned! The American Deontay Wilder won his title in 2015, and he’s maintained it with ease ever since.

He emerged from his depression to find that boxings were an outlet for him. To his incredible surprise, he didn’t start boxing training until he was 20 years old.

Two years later, he shocked the boxing community by winning the US Championships and the National Golden Gloves. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, he later won a bronze medal. Wilder’s amateur record was somewhere between 30 and 5.


When Deontay was just 23 years old, he made his debut as a professional. His first fight won by TKO in the opening frame gave him an unrivaled winning streak that lasted 25 fights between 2009-2012 with all of them decided by round four!

Deontay’s first professional match was against Kelvin Price, who came into the contest with an undefeated 13-0 record. He overcame this adversity to claim victory!

Deontay enjoyed a winning streak that lasted from 2013 till the end of 2018 and saw him triumph over opponents like Chris Arreola, Jason Gavern, and Audley Harrison.

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On November 4, 2017, Bermane Stiverne was knocked out in the first round by Deontay. To defend his championship, he defeated Luis Ortiz on March 3, 2018, in the tenth round. For the bout, he received a $2 million guarantee, a career-high.

Initial Tyson Fury Battle

The fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury was scheduled to take place. The two were going up against each other with a 40-0 record, but it wasn’t until three years later that the former won in what many say is one of history’s greatest upsets!

When Tyson won his second fight, he should have been lining up for an expensive payday. But instead, the boxer went on a two-year drink binge and drug that caused him to gain over 100 pounds leading up to being ruled medically unfit to compete again – this time cleanly!

When Tyson and Deontay fought on December 1st, the entire world looked on in disbelief. Pay Per View customers spent more than $325,000 to see the bout, and although both boxers were given a guarantee of at least $3 million, their total earnings were more than 10 times that amount!

Deontay Wilder is now the most sought-after fighter in America. He knocked out Dominic Breazeale with a devastating left hook, and his purse will likely exceed 10 million dollars!

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Deontay Wilder defeated Luis Ortiz again on November 23, 2019. This time his winnings were a $3 million base salary and an additional 20M dollars guaranteed for the second fight in a row!

The Rematch Between Tyson Fury

In 2020, a replay of the fight with Tyson Fury was planned. As it neared its date and both combatants had $28M guarantees in addition to 50/50 pay-per-view earnings from their first meeting which took place two years ago on February 22nd when he won by technical knockout within seven rounds allotted title belt

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Private Life

Deontay is from a wonderful family! He has eight children with his former wife Jessica Scales-Wilder. The television personality Telli Swift, who starred in WAGS Atlanta, is his most well-known son.

And considering that Deon’s brother Marsellos also makes a career by boxing professionally, it’s little wonder there are so many relatives!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was Deontay Wilder’s Salary?

According to the USA Daily Express, Wilder made $5 million (£3.85 million) from the purse alone.

How Much Did Tyson Fury Earn In His Fight With Deontay Wilder?

In order to keep his WBC heavyweight title, Fury defeated Deontay Wilder in a thrilling victory in Las Vegas, earning about £20 million.

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