Adrian Peterson Net Worth

Adrian Lewis Peterson, a running back for the Minnesota Vikings and NFL’s Washington Commanders respectively played in college at Oklahoma. He was drafted by them both after playing football there too!

Since then, he has experienced tremendous success and became the first freshman to place second in the Heisman Trophy race. Peterson concluded his collegiate career as the Sooners’ third-leading rusher all-time.

Adrian Peterson Net Worth

Adrian Peterson’s net worth is projected to reach $4 million as of November 2022.

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Overview Of Adrian Peterson

Early Life

Peterson was born in Texas to two athletic parents, who also happen to be football stars. His father played for the sideways ICs and his mother won All-American honors as an athlete at basketball’s highest level!

His mother Bonita, a three-time Texas state champion sprinter at Westwood High School, received an athletic scholarship to the University of Houston.


Adrian Peterson was the first running back to be drafted in 2007, and for some teams, his injuries were cause enough concern. The Minnesota Vikings had confidence though – they selected him as their player that year!

Later, he inked a 40.5 million dollar contract, and his performance at the 2008 NFL Pro Bowl was outstanding. Peterson was selected for the 2009 AP All-Pro team. Against the Cleveland Browns, he had an outstanding 25 carries for 180 yards and 3 touchdowns. 

The Dallas Cowboys were defeated by Peterson’s team. They, unfortunately, fell to the Saints in the NFL Championship.

The following year, Peterson set a new record for rushing with 5000 yards and represented his team in the “Pro Bowl.” Following that, he was acknowledged as one of the NFL’s top 100 players in 2011. 

adrian peterson net worth
Adrian Peterson Net Worth 2

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The Vikings extended Peterson’s deal that year, paying him 96 million dollars, making him the highest-paid running back in the NFL.

He suffered a knee injury in the 2015 season that required surgery to repair a torn meniscus. He joined the active roster that year and completed six carries against the Indianapolis Colts.

Peterson has earned approximately $100 million throughout his career, but he has had trouble handling his money and is now rumored to be in debt.

Legal Issues

Peterson was charged with intentionally or recklessly harming a child in 2014. He had punished his four-year-old boy with a wooden object. The prosecution claimed that Adrian had beaten his son all over, including the buttocks and genitalia, with a tree branch. Peterson argued for himself by saying that he had received a comparable punishment as a kid.

Adrian eventually entered a no-contest plea and was spared jail time thanks to a plea deal. He received a $4000 fine, was placed on probation, and was required to perform 80 hours of community service.

The NFL, not a judge, was the party to administer what may have been the most important punishment. Peterson’s career suffered greatly as a result of the league’s suspension. Adrian acknowledged in the open that he was still using a belt to discipline his son in 2018.

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Real Estate

Peterson ultimately had success selling his Texas mansion in 2020 after four years of attempting to do so. In 2016, it was first advertised for $8.5 million, but it was sold for around $4.5 million.

Compared to what he first paid for it in 2013, this was around $500,000 less. The 10,582-square-foot estate has six bedrooms, a wine cellar, a motor court, a theater, and a library. The pool,  bar, and gaming room are further delights.

Adrian had significant financial problems at the time, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that he sold up his properties over a short period. Most likely, he liquidated these assets to cover his debts.

Financial Issues

The football player was practically broke after “trusting the wrong people” with his money, according to a lawyer for Peterson who confirmed this in 2019. The information became public after Adrian was sued in Pennsylvania by a lender who wanted to recoup a $5.2 million loan. 

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According to the Pennsylvania lender, Adrian used some of the funds to pay back a payday loan provider. The plaintiff is requesting from Adrian a payment of $6.6 million plus interest and legal fees.

Adrian was required to repay the $5.2-million loan with 12% interest within four months as per the terms of the deal. As this information was becoming public, it was also mentioned that he had been told to pay back a debt of $2.4 million to a Maryland-based lender.

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