Uncovering William Shatner’s Net Worth: A Comprehensive Look

William Shatner is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. From his iconic role as Captain Kirk on Star Trek to countless other roles, William Shatner has amassed an impressive net worth over the years that is estimated at around $100 million dollars. In this blog post we will explore William Shatner’s early life and family background, professional career highlights, philanthropic endeavors and take a closer look at his current net worth value. We’ll also discuss how he accumulated such wealth throughout his long-standing career in entertainment industry. Join us as we uncover more about the amazing accomplishments of this beloved actor who continues to amaze fans with new projects even today!

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William Shatner Net Worth

William Shatner is a Canadian actor, singer, author and philanthropist with an estimated net worth of $100 million. He has earned his wealth through various sources such as acting, music and writing.

Overview of His Career: William Shatner began his career in the 1950s when he was cast in several television shows including “The Twilight Zone” and “Star Trek”. He went on to star in many other films and television series throughout the years. In addition to acting, he also released several albums of spoken-word covers of popular songs as well as two books about his life story.

Sources of Income: The majority of William Shatner’s income comes from his long-standing acting career which has spanned over six decades. He has appeared in numerous films such as “Miss Congeniality 2” (2005) and “Overboard” (1987). Additionally, he earns money from royalties for books that he has written such as Up Till Now: The Autobiography (2008) and Get A Life! (1999). Furthermore, he receives additional income from investments made over the years including real estate properties located around the world.

Investments & Assets: Over the course of his career, William Shatner has invested heavily into real estate properties located across Canada and United States ranging from vacation homes to luxury condos. Additionally, he owns multiple horses which are used for show jumping competitions held around North America each year where they compete against some of the best riders in the world. Finally, William also owns a private jet which allows him to travel quickly between engagements without having to worry about commercial flights or delays due to weather conditions or mechanical issues with aircrafts

William Shatner’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million, making him one of the most successful and wealthy celebrities in Hollywood. Moving on, let’s take a closer look at his sources of income and investments.

Philanthropic Endeavors

William Shatner is a man of many talents and has made an impact in multiple industries. But what sets him apart from other celebrities is his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved with numerous charitable organizations over the years, donating both his time and money to causes he believes in.

Charitable Organizations Supported by Shatner

Shatner has supported a variety of charities throughout his career, including the American Red Cross, United Way, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project and more. In addition to these larger organizations, he also supports smaller charities such as The Hollywood Charity Horse Show which raises funds for children’s hospitals around the world. He also works closely with St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and donates regularly to their cause.

Fundraising Efforts for Various Causes

In addition to supporting existing charities through donations, William Shatner also organizes fundraising events himself. One example is when he hosted a celebrity poker tournament at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas that raised $1 million dollars for Habitat For Humanity International in 2005. Another event was held at Universal Studios Hollywood where proceeds went towards helping victims of Hurricane Katrina rebuild their homes and lives after the disaster struck New Orleans in 2006.

William Shatner’s dedication to giving back is ongoing. He supports various charitable organizations around the world and organizes fundraising events. His commitment to helping others shows no signs of waning in the near future.

William Shatner has been a long-time supporter of various charities and causes, using his fame to help raise money for those in need. His next venture is investing in new business ventures, which we will discuss further in the following section.

Final Thoughts on William Shatner’s Net Worth

Summary of His Wealth: William Shatner is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood, and his net worth reflects that. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has an estimated net worth of $100 million. This includes income from acting roles, music albums, books, investments and other business ventures. He also earns money through endorsement deals with companies such as Priceline and Quicken Loans.

William Shatner’s legacy will live on for many years to come. As a successful actor who starred in several hit films and television shows throughout his career, he brought joy to millions around the world through his performances. Additionally, he was involved in various philanthropic endeavors which helped make a difference in people’s lives across the globe. His generous spirit is something that should be admired by all generations to come and serve as an example of how one person can make a positive impact on society.

William Shatner’s net worth is a testament to his hard work and dedication throughout the years. He has left behind an impressive legacy that will continue to inspire people for generations to come. Now, let’s take a look at how he made his fortune.

FAQs in Relation to William Shatner Net Worth

Who is the richest Star Trek actor?

The richest Star Trek actor is undoubtedly Patrick Stewart. He has an estimated net worth of $70 million, earned through his long and successful career in film, television, and theater. His most notable role was as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the popular science fiction series Star Trek: The Next Generation. In addition to this iconic role, he has also starred in films such as X-Men and Logan, both of which have grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. He continues to be one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood today.

How is William Shatner so rich?

William Shatner has accumulated his wealth through a variety of sources. He is best known for his role as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise, but he has also had success in other acting roles, such as TJ Hooker and Boston Legal. Additionally, he has made money from writing books and hosting television shows like Rescue 911. He also earns income from public speaking engagements and endorsements. Finally, Shatner owns several businesses that generate revenue including an apparel line and a horse farm. All these activities have contributed to William Shatner’s net worth of $100 million dollars.

How much money did William Shatner make with Priceline?

William Shatner made a reported $600 million from his Priceline commercials. He was paid an initial fee of $1 million for the first commercial and then received stock options in the company that eventually grew to be worth more than half a billion dollars. His success with Priceline helped him become one of the most successful celebrity endorsers in history, and he continues to use his fame to promote various products today.

Does William Shatner still make money from Star Trek?

Yes, William Shatner still makes money from Star Trek. He has a stake in the franchise and receives royalties for his appearances in various projects related to it. In addition, he earns money through conventions, speaking engagements, and other business ventures related to his involvement with the series. All of these sources have helped contribute to Shatner’s estimated net worth of $100 million dollars.


In conclusion, William Shatner’s net worth is an impressive one. He has had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry that has earned him millions of dollars over the years. His philanthropic endeavors have also been noteworthy, as he has used his wealth to support various causes and charities. All in all, it can be said that William Shatner’s net worth is a testament to his hard work and dedication throughout his life.

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