Tyron Woodley Net Worth

Tyron Woodley is an American mixed martial artist who has become one of the most successful fighters in UFC history. He has held the welterweight title for four years and was ranked number one in the official UFC welterweight rankings from July 2016 to August 2020. While his career may have ended with a loss to Gilbert Burns at UFC Fight Night, his impressive resume speaks for itself.

But what is Tyron Woodley’s net worth?

In this article, we will explore Tyron Woodley net worth, career highlights, and his fight with Jake Paul and Demian Maia.

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Career Highlights

tyron woodley net worth
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Woodly would start out as an amateur fighter at the age of 21. He would go on to have a successful professional career that would include wins over some of the top names in MMA.

In 2009, he won the Strikeforce Challengers Welterweight Championship. In 2009, he won the Strikeforce Challengers Welterweight Championship. A knockout win over Josh Koscheck at UFC 167, in 2013, would earn him a welterweight title shot against Robbie Lawler in 2014.

He won the UFC Welterweight title over Robbie Lawler in July 2016, and successfully defended it five times against Stephen Thompson, Demian Maia, Darren Till, Kamaru Usman, and Gilbert Burns becoming one of the most successful champions in UFC history.

He held the UFC Welterweight Champion title until August 2020, becoming one of the longest-reigning champions in the history of UFC and arguably one of the greatest fighters to have ever stepped into the octagon.

He faced off against many of the best fighters from his division, including Stephen Thompson and Demian Maia. He was also scheduled to fight Jake Paul in a boxing match but this bout was canceled due to Woodley’s management disapproving of the terms offered by Paul.

Official UFC Welterweight Rankings

Prior to his loss to Gilbert Burns, Tyrone Woodley was ranked number one in the official UFC welterweight rankings from July 2016 to August 2020. He has since dropped down to eighth place but is still considered one of the top contenders in the division. Other fighters who have also featured in these rankings include Stephen Thompson, Demian Maia, and Darren Till.

Woodley has also been nominated for multiple awards such as the ESPYs Best Fighter Award which he won in 2018 and 2020. He also won an MMA Fighting Championship of the Year award in 2018 for his fight against Stephen Thompson at UFC 209.

Tyron Woodley is considered one of the greatest fighters in UFC history and his net worth is a testament to that. He has earned millions from his career in martial arts and is among the highest-earning MMA fighters of all time. His bouts against Jake Paul and Demian Maia have only increased his wealth even further, making him one of the most successful athletes in combat sports.

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Fight with Jake Paul & Demian Maia

In 2021, Woodley announced that he would be competing in a boxing match against YouTube sensation Jake Paul but the match never happened. Despite this, it still received a lot of attention as Woodley is one of the most popular fighters in UFC history. While this fight did not come to fruition due to contract negotiations, it has given fans insight into what Woodley’s potential paydays could look like if he were to pursue other avenues outside of UFC.

In 2020, Woodley competed in a grappling match against Demian Maia and managed to win by submission. This was an impressive victory for Woodley as Maia is widely regarded as one of the best grapplers in the world.

Tyrone got a rematch with Jake Paul in 2021 where Jake Paul won by KO in the second round. Tyron would pocket out $2 million from the fight.

Tyron Woodley’s Net Worth

tyron woodley net worth
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Tyron Woodley has an estimated net worth of $6 million. This figure was acquired by adding his career earnings and endorsements such as Reebok, Monster Energy, BetDSI Sportsbook, and EA Sports in addition to other sponsorships.

It might come as a surprise to some fans, but Woodley has made more money outside of the UFC than inside. He received huge paydays for his boxing match with Jake Paul and his grappling bout against Demian Maia.

His amateur fight record stands at 7-1 and his professional fight record is 19-7-1. He has also won multiple championship belts, including the UFC Welterweight Championship twice and the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship once. This would see him earn considerable pay-per-view bonuses and win shares.

Tyrone Woodley earned $610,000 in his fight against Gilbert Burns. This was the highest purse of his career and would be a significant chunk of his total net worth. He has also had several other high-earning fights including his bout with Darren Till which earned him $530,000.

He is an avid fan of luxury cars and is the proud owner of a Porsche Panamera which he purchased for $90,000. He also owns two other luxury vehicles; an Audi Q8 and a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Tyrone Woodley is reported to have earned over $500,000 in his fight against Vincente Luque and has also earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in endorsements. As he continues to fight, his net worth will only continue to increase and it won’t be long before Woodley is considered one of the wealthiest MMA fighters in history.

Besides his impressive and undeniable mark in the world of MMA, Tyrone has featured in several movies such as “Kickboxer: Vengeance” and “Highlander: Endgame.” He has also made appearances in the television shows “Good Girls Revolt” and “Weeds.”

With his accrued wealth, Woodley is currently ranked 4th in the official UFC Welterweight rankings. He has had a long and illustrious career and is undoubtedly one of the greatest fighters in UFC history. This is reflected in his impressive net worth which continues to increase every year.

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Wrap Up

Tyron Woodley is one of the most famous and successful MMA fighters in UFC history. He has had a long and illustrious career and his net worth reflects this. His bouts against Demian Maia and Jake Paul have been especially lucrative for him as well as his endorsements from various brands. With his current ranking at 4th in the official UFC Welterweight rankings, it is likely that Woodley’s net worth will continue to grow in the coming years.

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