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Mike Myers Net Worth

It’s no secret that Michael John Myers is a comedic genius. What may be a secret, however, is how much money he has made over the years. Do you know about Mike Myers net worth, most of which comes from his work in films and television? Let’s take a closer look at Myers’ wealth and see where it all comes from.

Who Is Michael John Myers?

mike myers net worth
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Mike Myers is an iconic Hollywood actor, writer, producer, and comedian. Comedy writer Robin Ruzan famously called him “the king of comedy.” Myers was born on May 25, 1963, in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

He’s famously known for his roles in movies such as Austin Powers, Wayne’s World, and Shrek. But did you know that he’s also an avid hockey fan? Here’s a look at the life of this comedy legend and his love affair with hockey. 

A Comedy Icon 

Myers began his career in comedy when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1989. During his tenure on the show, he created some of the most memorable characters including Wayne Campbell from Wayne’s World and Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. His diverse range of characters made him one of the most popular comedians of the 90s and 2000s.  

Myers continued to star in successful films after leaving SNL, including Shrek (2001) which earned him a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. He has also enjoyed success with live-action films such as The Cat in the Hat (2003) and Inglourious Basterds (2009).

Hockey Superfan 

But there’s more to Myers than just comedy; he’s also a huge hockey fan! Growing up near Toronto, Canada meant that he was exposed to hockey at a young age – something that sparked a lifelong passion within him. He grew up playing ice hockey himself before eventually taking on coaching duties for his son’s team at one point as well.  

In addition to playing and coaching hockey, Myers is also an avid follower of the NHL – particularly his hometown Toronto Maple Leaf franchise! In fact, during Game 6 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs between Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs at TD Garden arena in Boston, people noticed Myers cheering on the Leafs with gusto despite being surrounded by Bruins fans!

Mike Myers Net Worth

mike myers net worth
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It’s no surprise then, that Mike Myers has an estimated net worth of $200 million. Much of this money has come from his successful career in film and television, but he also earns money through endorsements and other business ventures. For example, he is the founder of a comedy school called The Second City Hollywood and has been involved with numerous charitable organizations over the years. The third Austin powers movie grossed more than $300 million at the box office, and his involvement in Shrek earned him an Oscar nomination.

10 Life Achievements Of Mike Myers 

From his breakout role in Wayne’s World to his lead roles in Shrek and Austin Powers, he has become a household name. But did you know that Mike Myers has accomplished far more than acting? Read on to discover 10 of Mike Myers’ life achievements. 

1. He Was The Voice Behind The First Ever 3D Animated Movie Shrek (2001) 

Mike Myers voiced the main character in DreamWorks’s first-ever 3D animated movie, Shrek. The film was a huge success, grossing over $484 million at the box office! It also spawned three sequels and a spin-off franchise, all featuring Myers as the voice of Shrek. 

2. He Hosted Saturday Night Live Five Times – From 1997-1998 

Myers hosted five episodes of Saturday Night Live (SNL) during its 1997-1998 season, which included memorable sketches such as “Coffee Talk” with Linda Richman and “Sprockets” with Dieter. During this time, he also created some of his most famous characters including Wayne Campbell from Wayne’s World and Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. 

3. He Is A Member Of Mensa – 2015 

In 2015, Mike Myers became an official member of Mensa International, the world’s oldest and largest high-IQ society for people who score in the top two percent on standardized intelligence tests. As part of his membership, he received access to special events and activities designed for members only!  

4. He Received A Star On Canada’s Walk Of Fame – in 2003 

Mike was inducted into Canada’s Walk Of Fame for having made an extraordinary contribution to Canada’s entertainment industry over a career spanning more than 25 years! As part of this honor, he received an official star located on King Street West in Toronto near other prominent Canadian celebrities such as Jim Carrey and Celine Dion.  

5. He Is an Activist For Various Charities – 2016

Onwards Over the years, Mike has been actively involved in various charitable initiatives ranging from animal rights organizations to children’s charities like UNICEF and Make-A-Wish Foundation USA. Most recently, he donated thousands of dollars towards relief efforts for victims affected by Hurricane Dorian in 2019!

What Luxuries Does Mike Myers Enjoy? 

Now, what about his lifestyle off-screen? How does he enjoy spending his hard-earned money? Let’s take a look at some of the luxuries that Mike Myers enjoys. 

Private Jet Travel 

mike myers net worth
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Mike Myers owns a luxurious private jet that he uses to travel around the world in style. The jet is fully equipped with all the amenities you could ever want while traveling—from a full kitchen and bar to comfortable reclining seats and Wi-Fi access. With a private jet, Myers can get from point A to point B without having to worry about long security lines or crowded airports! 

Exotic Cars 

Myers has an impressive collection of luxury cars, including an Aston Martin Vanquish and Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. He also owns a Ford GT supercar, which can reach speeds up to 200mph! His love for cars isn’t limited to the roads either—he also owns several motorcycles, such as a Ducati Monster 1100 Evo and Triumph Bonneville T100.  

Sports Teams 

Myers is an avid sports fan and has invested heavily in professional sports teams over the years. He is part owner of both the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey team and the Toronto FC soccer team, as well as being involved with the ownership group for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors. He also serves on the board of directors for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd., which oversees operations for all three teams.  


Mike Myers is undoubtedly one of the most successful comedians of all time. Throughout his career, he has been able to consistently deliver hit after hit; a feat that not many actors have been able to achieve over such an extended period of time. It should then come as no surprise that Mike Myers net worth is estimated to be around $200 million according to Celebrity Net Worth estimates. All in all, it looks like being funny truly does pay.

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