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Mike Lindell Net Worth

What do you get when you cross an entrepreneur with a truckload of tenacity and self-belief? Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow. Despite facing difficulty after difficulty, Lindell’s business has recently exploded in popularity. Here’s why Mike Lindell net worth story is so inspiring.

It’s hard not to be charmed by Michael James Lindell. The man has an impressive entrepreneurial history and founded MyPillow in 2004. But it hasn’t always been easy for Lindell, he’s faced numerous challenges and setbacks throughout his career.

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However, this hasn’t stopped him from achieving massive success with MyPillow. The Lindell foundation has seen its sales explode in recent years thanks to Lindell’s relentless marketing and self-promotion. So what is it that makes Mike Lindell so special? Why is his story so inspiring? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Mike Lindell Net Worth

Mike Lindell is an American entrepreneur and the inventor of MyPillow, a pillow designed to provide better sleep. He is also the CEO of Lindell Technologies and Lindell Recovery Network. According to Forbes, Mike Lindell’s net worth is $ 440 million as of 2021.

Lindell was born in Minnesota in 1961 and was raised in Chaska, a suburb of Minneapolis. His father was an alcoholic who abused his family, and his mother worked two jobs to support the family. Lindell was often left home alone and turned to drug addiction to cope with his home life.

By 17, mike revealed he was addicted to cocaine and had been arrested several times. However, he turned his life around after joining Alcoholics Anonymous. After getting sober, Lindell started a carpet cleaning business.

He later invented the MyPillow, which has become one of the most popular pillows on the market. He has appeared on several infomercials for his product and featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The View. 

Mike Lindell Career

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Lindell has been involved in several business ventures over the years. Here are some of his most notable ones:

Carpet Cleaning Business

Mike Lindell is an entrepreneur who made his wealth in the carpet cleaning business. He started his business in the early 1990s and quickly grew it into a successful enterprise. In the early days, Lindell focused on door-to-door sales, encouraging customers to try his service by offering discounts and free trials.

He also developed a strong brand identity for his business, using catchy slogans and colorful logos. As word of mouth about his service spread, Lindell began getting more customers. He eventually expanded his business to include a fleet of vans and a team of technicians.

Today, Lindell’s company is one of the largest carpet cleaning businesses in the America news network. His success story is a testament to the power of hard work and determination.


In 2004, Lindell invented the MyPillow, a pillow designed to provide better sleep. The pillow is made from a unique material that contours to the shape of your head, providing support and comfort. Lindell initially had trouble finding a manufacturer for his product, but he eventually found one in Minnesota.

He launched his first infomercial for the product in 2006 and generated $ 1 million in sales in just two weeks. Since then, MyPillow has become one of the most popular pillows on the market. It is now available in all 50 states and over 60 countries.

In 2016, Lindell was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which helped boost his product sales.

Lindell Technologies

In 2009, Lindell founded Lindell Technologies, a company that manufactures MyPillow. The company is based in Minnesota and employs over 1,000 people. In addition to manufacturing pillows, Mike Lindell married and produced other products, such as bedding and pet beds.

The company successfully generated $ 300 million in sales in 2020. Lindell plans to use the company’s profits to help fund his new social media platform, Frank Speech.

What Are Some of the Controversies Surrounding Him

Despite his success, Lindell has faced several controversies over the years. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Support for Donald Trump

Mike Lindell is a staunch Trump supporter and has been one of the president’s most vocal defenders during his impeachment trials. He has also been an outspoken critic of election fraud, spreading conspiracy theories that Trump won the 2020 election by a wide margin. In 2021, Mike Lindell’s wife launched a social media platform called Frank Speech to allow people to share their views without censorship.

His support for Trump has generated backlash from many people, who argue that Lindell is blindly supporting a corrupt president.

Election Fraud Claims

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Lindell has been an outspoken critic of election fraud, claiming that Trump won the 2020 election by a wide margin. He has provided no evidence to support his claims, and many people have accused him of spreading false information. In February 2021, Lindell was banned from Twitter for repeatedly sharing election fraud conspiracy theories.

He has also been banned from other social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube.

My Pillow Lawsuit

In 2016, MyPillow was sued by the Federal Trade Commission for making false claims about its products. The company agreed to pay $ 1 million to settle the lawsuit. As part of the settlement, Lindell agreed to stop making unsubstantiated claims about his product.

Despite the settlement, Lindell continues to make false claims about his product, and the FTC is currently investigating him for possible violations.

Possible Violations of Election Law

In January 2021, Lindell met with President Trump at the White House to discuss his election fraud claims. He was photographed holding a stack of papers containing false information about the election. Lindell alleged fraud claims to state legislatures in exchange for $ 2 million.

These actions could violate federal election law, and the FBI currently investigates Lindell.

Allegations of Fraud

In 2018, Lindell was accused of fraud by several customers who claimed that he failed to deliver on his promises. The customers filed a class action lawsuit against him, alleging that he had scammed them out of millions of dollars. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed, but it generated negative publicity for Lindell.

In 2020, the Minnesota Attorney General’s office also accused him of fraud. The office alleged that Lindell had made false claims about the effectiveness of MyPillow to sell more products. Lindell denied the allegations and countersued the Attorney General’s office. The case is still pending.


Despite his controversies, Lindell has had great success with his businesses. His company, Lindell Technologies, manufactures MyPillow, one of the world’s most popular pillows. The company generated $ 300 million in sales in 2020 and plans to use its profits to help fund Lindell’s new social media platform. While Lindell has faced several controversies over the years, he denies any wrongdoing and is currently fighting several lawsuits.

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