Delonte West Net Worth

Delonte West was once an NBA star, making millions of dollars a year playing for the Boston Celtics. But today, he’s homeless and living on the streets of Los Angeles. So, what happened? How did West go from being a professional basketball player to being destitute? 

The answer is complicated, but it seems to boil down to a combination of mental illness and bad luck. 

Delonte West Net Worth And Overview

Delonte West was a former NBA player who played in the NBA for eight years, making millions of dollars before his life took a turn for the worse. Born in Washington D.C., Delonte attended Eleanor Roosevelt High School and then went on to Saint Joseph’s University where he excelled in basketball, leading the team to an undefeated season. After college West was drafted by the Boston Celtics with the 24th overall pick and became their starting point guard.

He spent two seasons playing with the Celtics before being traded to the Seattle SuperSonics where he mostly served in a backup role. In 2011, West signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers and put up some of his best numbers while serving as their starting point guard. During that time, his yearly salary was estimated to be around two million dollars.

West then joined the Dallas Mavericks for one season before signing a contract with the Chinese Basketball Association in 2012. After playing in China for a year, West returned to the NBA and signed with the Memphis Grizzlies and later with the Los Angeles Clippers. However, due to personal issues, he never played a game with either team and was eventually released by both organizations.

Throughout his NBA career, Delonte West’s net worth was estimated to have been between 8-9 million dollars at its peak. While that may seem like a lot of money, it is still far less than what other star players are making today. Despite this, West had plenty of fans who cheered him on during his time in the NBA. Unfortunately, he has lost all his wealth to mental illness and is currently homeless.

delonte west net worth
Delonte West Net Worth 2

Early Life:

Delonte West was born on July 26th, 1983 in Washington D.C. He attended Eleanor Roosevelt  High School where he played varsity basketball and received numerous accolades such as being named a McDonald’s All-American and to the all-state team. After graduating high school in 2002, West went on to play college basketball at Saint Joseph’s University where he averaged 16.6 points per game, 4 assists per game, and 5 rebounds per game throughout his four seasons with the school.

Awards And Achievements:

Throughout Delonte West’s successful NBA career he earned several awards including a spot in the All-Rookie first-team lineup during his second season. He was also an All-Star nominee in 2008 and 2011, the NBA Community Assist Award recipient for the 2009 season, and was named to the Cavaliers’ All-Defensive team in 2010.

Delonte West’s NBA Career:

West began his professional basketball career when he was drafted by the Boston Celtics as the 24th overall pick in the 2004 NBA draft. After two seasons with them, he was traded to Seattle SuperSonics where he served as a backup role player before signing with Cleveland Cavaliers in 2008. As their starting point guard, West put up some of his best numbers including a career-high 17 points per game during the 2009–10 season. Unfortunately, due to personal issues, West never played a game with the Memphis Grizzlies or Los Angeles Clippers.

Delonte West’s Financial Struggles:

Despite making millions of dollars during his NBA career, Delonte West was no stranger to financial struggles. In 2018 he revealed that he had once lived out of his van while dealing with bipolar disorder and depression. He also struggled to find steady employment after his NBA career ended and needed help from friends just to make ends meet. As a result, his net worth declined significantly over the years leading up to 2019 when it was estimated to be at around $3 million.

The Decline Of Delonte West:

In recent years, there has been a great deal of concern surrounding the mental health and well-being of Delonte West. In 2019, he was spotted living in Texas and begging for money on the streets. That same year, a video surfaced of West being beaten up by another man which caused an outpour of support from his fans who wanted to help him.

Delonte West’s Legacy:

Despite all his struggles, Delonte West will always be remembered by basketball fans as one of the most talented players of his generation. His ability to play both guard positions and lockdown opposing perimeter players made him an invaluable asset whenever he stepped onto the court. He will also be remembered for his courage to speak out about mental health issues and remind us that anyone can struggle no matter how successful they may seem on the surface.

Declining Mental Health:

Since 2019, there have been numerous reports of Delonte West’s mental health deteriorating. In 2020, he was spotted in Dallas being questioned by police before being taken to a hospital for evaluation. Despite the difficult time he is going through, there are still fans out there that are trying to help him and bring awareness to his struggles with mental illness.

Despite the difficulties that Delonte West has faced in recent years, it is important to remember how talented and successful a basketball player he was during his prime. His ability to play both guard positions and excel on the court made him one of the best players of his generation and a key asset for any team he played for. He will forever remain an inspiration for his fans and a reminder that anyone can overcome their struggles if they have the right support system in place.


Delonte West was one of the most talented and beloved players of his generation but unfortunately, his story has had a tragic ending so far. The hope is that with proper care from medical professionals and support from friends and family, Delonte will eventually be able to get the help that he needs to live a full life outside of basketball. His legacy will always be remembered by his fans, and he will continue to be an inspiration for those who struggle with mental illness.

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