Busta Rhymes Net Worth

If you have listened to hip-hop music, you must have heard of the stage name Busta Rhymes. The multi-platinum artist has enjoyed a long and spectacular career in the rap industry, with hit singles such as “Gimme Some More” and “Break Ya Neck” have become some of the most instantly recognizable tracks for generations. But what is his net worth? Read on to find out how much this iconic rapper has earned over his long career!

busta rhymes net worth
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Early Life

Busta Rhymes was born Trevor Smith Jr. in Brooklyn, New York, the son of a Jamaican father, Rev. Gerald Smith, and a native New Yorker mother, Alsana Green-Smith. With two older brothers born before him (Scary Spice’s former guardian Melvin Smith and foundation reggae artist Ruthven Smith) and two sisters born afterward (Lonnie Anne and Lisa Smith), Busta Rhymes was destined for greatness amongst his large family. He is immensely proud of his Jamaican heritage, which has been integral in informing his musical style and lyrical content.

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Personal Life

Busta is an iconic Hip-Hop star with a personal life just as vibrant. He’s been married to his wife Joanne Wood since 2006, and together they have four children – ranging in age from 5 to 22.

His son, T’Ziah, is the oldest, while daughter Mari is next in line, followed by Trillian and baby Miracle, born in 2015. Busta is known to be family-oriented, holding family gatherings throughout the year. Overall, it’s obvious that not only his career takes priority but also his wife and kids!

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Solo Music Career

Busta Rhymes started his solo music career in 1996 with the release of his debut album “The Coming.” This album debuted at number 6 on the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip Hop albums chart. It featured hit singles “Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check” and “It’s a Party,” as well as several guest appearances.

Following this success, Busta Rhymes continued to build a reputation for himself in the industry with nine studio albums such as “What’s It Gonna Be?!” from his second album “E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front” in 1999, “Touch It” from “The Big Bang” in 2006, and again “Gimmie Some More” from his fourth studio album “E.L.E. 2 (Extinction Level Event): The Wrath of God” in 2020.

Acting Career

Rhymes has enjoyed quite an amazing career in the music industry, and recently he’s decided to expand his talents into acting. He made his debut on the silver screen with a role in the 1996 film ‘Ride’ and hasn’t looked back since.

He has gone on to appear in numerous films, including “Halloween: Resurrection” (2002), “Something’s Gotta Give” (2003), and “Finding Forrester” (2000). He also had a recurring role as Dante Taggert on FOX’s Empire.

His most recent appearances were small roles such as Zip in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) and Shuggie Otis in The Dirt (2019). By incorporating classic lyrics from his songs into characters, Busta Rhymes brings an entertaining energy to every part he plays. His entertaining performances make it highly likely that we’ll continue seeing him pop up on the big and small screens for some time.

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Salary And Net Worth

Busta is one of the most successful rap artists in history, and his financial success reflects this. He began his career as a protégé in the hip-hop group leaders of the New School, releasing his breakthrough Busta Rhymes album titled The Coming in 1996 before becoming an icon of 90s hip-hop with Since Then To Eternity, E.L.E2 and Genesis. His eye-watering salary from record sales and live performances brings enviable wealth; Busta Rhymes’ net worth was estimated at around $20 million by 2022.

With millions from feature films, merchandise deals, branding, and more besides, he has had enormous financial success thanks to his music career – and doesn’t seem likely to slow down anytime soon!

busta rhymes net worth
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Awards And Achievements

Since his debut album, The Coming, in 1996, Busta has gone on to be nominated for 14 Grammy Awards and won numerous other awards and accolades. He was even inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2006.

Today, he is widely recognized as a pioneer of the rap genre who has achieved an array of awards throughout his career. Most notably, Busta’s album When Disaster Strikes won platinum status, whereas Anarchy received gold, selling over a million copies worldwide. His entrepreneurial success has solidified him as an icon across multiple generations, and he continues to influence many aspiring hip-hop artists.

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 Financial Issues

A series of unfortunate financial missteps have led to the rapper teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. His income started to plummet when he switched labels in 2006 and released an album that went mostly unnoticed.

Since then, Busta has been chasing after several unpaid taxes dating back to 1998, when he was hit with a bill for nearly 3 million dollars from the I.R.S. in 2011. The I.R.S. also seized his Mercedes Benz and other personal items to help pay off his debt. It remains uncertain if Busta Rhymes’ legal and financial troubles will be resolved soon, unfortunately painting a bleak future for this once beloved rapper.

Legal Issues

Unfortunately, his most recent career involvements have not been positive – he has faced multiple legal issues in 2018 and 2019. These charges include holding and threatening another person with a weight during a fight, reckless driving, disorderly conduct, and even carrying brass knuckles.

Although the story behind each incident may vary from case to case, it is important to recognize that Busta’s actions have had tangible impacts on people around him and society in general.

While BustaRhymes is undoubtedly talented in his music-making craft, there is no denying that he should be held accountable for his wrongdoings to ensure justice for those affected by them.

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Car Collection

Rhymes is known not only for his music but also for his impressive car collection. His fleet of luxury cars includes a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, a Porsche Panamera Turbo, a Bugatti Chiron, and a Rolls Royce Cullinan S.U.V.

Each vehicle in Busta’s collection boasts unique features that cater to the rap superstar’s sophisticated tastes – from its high-performance engine to its luxurious interior touches.

Not forgetting about the sexiest element of all, rap legend Busta Rhymes is often seen cruising around in each one with dark tinted windows, allowing him to maintain privacy from the paparazzi.

busta rhymes net worth
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His house is a monument to his immense success. It has luxurious features, from intricate chandeliers to modern décor that fit the style of its famous owner. One of the most impressive parts is the grand staircase which was recently installed, giving him a regal entrance to each room in his home.

The sound system within the house makes every gathering feel like a professional dance party, creating an atmosphere of pure joy for guests and residents alike.

There’s also a private screening room with comfortable seating and accompanying audio and video equipment – perfect for an evening of watching movies with friends. With all these amenities, it’s no surprise that his house provides his family with comfort and entertainment daily!


So there you have it, an in-depth look at Busta Rhymes worth and how he made his money. It’s truly amazing what he has accomplished in his career thus far, and we can only expect great things from him in the future.

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